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Romania    Bucharest

Age 25 years
Sexe man
Car Bullet GT Black Spear 3   N85
Likes All FlatOut cars except the Flatmobile, but the most
loved ones: BulletGT, Canyon, Lentus, Bullet, Venom.
All type of challenges including the stunt.
Girls that know how to drive a Bullet GT.
Players with race knowledge and respect.
All tracks, and sometime scouting for new areas.


Not like

Players who decide for themselves to start a kill race.
Extreme cheating, and most of all immortality.
Derby wrecking when a player is incapacitated (I consider this a cheat)


In my spare time I like making skins (vinyls) for some of the FlatOut cars.
Other games I like: Need for Speed series (not Shift and Undercover), Call of Duty series,
Medal Of Honor series, Grand Theft Auto series, Mafia 1 and 2, Assassin's Creed...
Shortly all types of games besides strategy and RPG, and have no magic or lasers :)