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Country Hungary
Age 46 years
Sexe woman
Likes  The mild and the agressive race too, derby on race path, and the derby



Not like

Stunt, and the immortal cheaters



I have INTERNET only lately. I am glad, because this game helped to me connect with some people from foreign countries,
with who without NET we don't know to speak, because the distance is very much among.
I very little know English, but with translator programs we know to understand each other.
I am sad, because my some player partners (with who I very like to play) don't want contact. I am very curious, who they are
in the life. :)
I like this game, because I sit to play, I forget every problems. I like the races, and I like the many funny situations, what
develops in the game.


Silviu, thank you the unique Lentus and the special BKV bus.